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Who do you think will win the actual real life games?

If you are on mobile, this site is best on a computer! Welcome to! Madden 18 Simulator! Game 1 (Texans at Bangals) Game 2 (Browns at Ravens) Game 3 (Bills at Panthers) Game 4 (Cardinals at Colts) Game 5 (Titans at Jaguars) Game 6 (Eagles at Chiefs) Game 7 (Patriots at Saints) Game 8 (Vikings at Steelers) Game 9 (Bears at Bucs) Game 10 (Dolphins at Chargers) Game 11 (Jets at Raiders) Game 12 (Cowboys at Broncos) Game 13 (Redskins at Rams) Game 14 (49ers at Seahawks) Game 15 (Packers at Falcons) Game 16 (Lions at Giants) Please feel free to let us know your feedback at the bottom of the page! We recommend running all the feeds at once and turning the volume on for just one feed you like, while muting the rest!

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Madden NFL 18 by EA Sports.
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