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Lego, Pirates of the Caribbean the Video Game was released in 2011.  This game series is a replacement for the very popular Lego Pirates.  This game incorporates many of the same features.  It's based of off the release of Lego sets that were released.  It ties in the humor of the Pirates of the Caribbean with the famous Lego franchise.  The publisher of the game is Disney Interactive Media Group.  The main plot of the game represents the story of Captain Jack Sparrow. Players of all ages can enjoy a game like this.  Again, although it now can be considered to be an older title it hold's up graphically. Some of the levels will include the famous Port Royal level, which is based off of the first film, Pirates of the Caribbean Curse of the Black Pearl.  It's a tropical adventure allowing players to enjoy story and free play mode.  The game includes up to 70 characters, where players can go through past movies.   

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