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League of Legends: 

Video Game Broadcasting

LoL is developed by Riot Games and is available for Windows and MacOs.  This is an online multiplayer game inspired from Warcraft 3.  Players assume the role of a unseen Summoner, that controls a Champion with unique abilities who battle against a team of other players.  Usually the object of the game is to destroy the opponents nexus, that lies at the heart of the base and is protected bye defensive structures.  League of Legends also has other distinguishing game modes available for game play and was released in 2009.  The game has gained so much popularity over the years, that as of September 2016 over 100 million played per month.  League has among the largest footprints of any game ever produced in streaming media communities.  This has also lead to the expansion of merchandising, with toys, apparel, web series, documentaries and books.  

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